49604547a99fHymen is the membrane, which encloses the vaginal area. It is actually outside. It is a part of the vulva, or the external genital organs. It is in the exterior area, slightly blocking the entrance to the vagina. It is a thin set of tissues just around the opening.

The goal of this surgery is the reconstruction of the hymen.

Hymen could be broken after:
• extreme exercise
• accident of falling down
• sports injury
• masturbation
• Physically just after the first intercourse

Hymenoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia or spinal/general anaesthesia. It takes around 15-45 minutes. Once healed, the act of sexual intercourse can result in bleeding when the hymen is torn or stretched.
Sexual activity could restart in 3 weeks after the surgery.
Hymenoplasty can be done for more than one time and at any time and age.

Summary of Hymenoplasty

Duration of procedure: 30-45mins
Duration of hospital stay: Day Care Procedure
Need of follow-up: No
Stitch removal: No


The Vaginal Rejuvenation is a surgical procedure designed to enhance sexual gratification. The surgery technique is the combination of both procedures; Vaginoplastyand Labiaplasty.

Vaginoplasty is the most common Female Genital Plastic Surgery procedure.
It resurfaces and tightens tissues to reclaim the youthful appearance and function of the vulvar and vaginal area.

Vaginoplasty is the aesthetic enhancement of vulvar structures utilizing laser surgery techniques, or surgical tightening. Vulvar structures include:

• The external lips (labia majora)
• The internal lips (labia minora)
• Hymen (hymenoplasty)
• Tightening of the vaginal canal

It is for women who feel that aesthetic enhancement of their vulvar or vaginal anatomy would improve their sexual self- image thereby increasing sexual enjoyment. Due to the effects of:

• Childbirth
• Aging
• Trauma
• Genetics
• Weight loss
The vaginal tissue and surrounding muscles can become stretched and lose their strength and tone. The loose and unsatisfying feeling that many women feel can also be felt by their male partner during intercourse. This Vaginoplasty will effectively enhance muscle tone, strength and control. It will also effectively decrease the internal and external vaginal diameters as well as tighter opening and vaginal canal. The tightening is done in the entire length of the vagina or part of it depending on the case.

Vaginoplasty is an outpatient procedure usually performed under local anesthesia and takes an hour. We usually advise few days of rest and relax. You can go back to your job very soon and return to sexual activity 4 weeks after the surgery.

The end result will be a vaginal anatomy with more youthful look, as in pre-pregnancy state, with a pleasing appearance, much better intimate life and of course a more increased self-confidence.
Generally, anyone in average physical condition or good health can be a candidate for Vaginoplasty Surgery.

Summary of Vaginoplasty/ Labiaplasty

Duration of procedure: 1-2 hours
Duration of hospital stay: Day Care Procedure
Need of follow-up: Once or twice
Stitch removal: No
Cost: Rs.55000 onwards plus taxes


The G-spot is a highly erogenous zone inside the vagina. It is very sensitive to touch and gets bigger when directly stimulated.  Many women complain of not being able to achieve a vaginal orgasm, a condition that can be due to lack of G-Spot stimulation. Some other women simply want a more powerful response during intercourse.

This can be greatly improved by the G-spot augmentation, a procedure aimed to enhance the sensitivity of this area. It involves an injection of collagen into the “G” spot and makes it more prominent into the vagina and therefore more accessible to adequate stimulation during intercourse.

The G-spot is painless and the procedure is performed in our clinic under local anesthesia within 30 minutes. Its efficiency was proven by the majority of those who underwent it. They reported faster and more intense sexual responses.



Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure aimed to reduce the size and/or reshape the labia Minora also known as the “Inner vaginal lips”, or the Labia Majora which are the larger part covered by skin and hair just outside of the lips.

1) Labia Minora Reduction – Many women dislike the large protuberant appearance of their labia minora. This may cause severe embarrassment with a sexual partner. The overly large labia minora can also result in constant irritation by tight pants. Surgical labial reduction can greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the abnormally enlarged labias. Some women are born with large labias while others may develop this condition with childbirth or age.

2) Labia Majora Reduction – This common anatomical variation may be worsened by childbirth or by weight gain or loss. They may sometimes be improved by liposuction. In more severe cases, surgical reduction is necessary.

3) Filling of the labia majora by special filler or your own fat, a simple procedure in the clinic under local anesthesia.

Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure usually performed under local anesthesia; you can reshape your labias giving a youthfull appearance. We sculpt the labia majora by injecting hyaluronic acid or fat enriched cells known as stem cells, that will give the labia majora a more youthful look, in shape and color, and that will also increase the sexual sensitivity in that area.


Clitoral Unhooding (Hoodectomy)

Clitoral Unhooding, also referred to as Hoodectomy, is a minor feminine genital surgical procedure to remove excess Prepuce tissue—the surrounding “hood” that sheaths the clitoral node on three sides. Normally, the Prepuce is anatomically designed to offer the clitoris a degree of protection against undue abrasion—or over stimulation—and naturally retracts during sexual intercourse, thereby leaving the highly innervated surface of the clitoral node—what is commonly referred to as the exterior G-spot—or Glans, to be more exposed . . . resulting in female sexual orgasms. Sometimes however, women with small clitoral nodes or those that have excess Prepuce tissue—both common conditions—find that they can’t achieve orgasm, or have a harder time reaching climax, because the clitoris is literally covered, or restricted by too much skin tissue, thus greatly lessening tactile sensation, and/or even eliminating it entirely.


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