Ok so since I preferred Practo as one of the references to choose my surgeon. I definitely want to review my experience on rhinoplasty with Dr. Sreekar (contura clinic)
1. First visit with the doctor was good. He explained the procedure of the surgery and gave options. Examined my nose( flattened nose and round tip) and informed the changes that had to be done for betterment.
2. Second visit to the doctor was after 2 months (I consulted other doctors within this period). Asked me to get few blood tests done and CT scan performed.
3. Third visit was after a month i.e on the day the surgery was performed. Operated for 1 hour. Quite surprisingly I did not experience any pain after the surgery. A little swelling and dried blood was seen. Very supportive staff. Well equipped. Anaesthetist was the best. He was so kind and friendly:)
4. Results: since I’m reviewing this just after a week of my surgery. I have got a really good shape at my nasal bone however the alar and maxilla portion of my nose still looks fat probably because it’s swollen and need some time to reduce swelling.Doctor attends calls and messages instantly when you have any doubt, very supportive.
5. 2 follow-ups post operation.

I definitely recommend this clinic for rhinoplasty. 4.5/5.